Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking can give us….

  1. Happiness even we are alone and missing our family and loved ones.
  2. Achieve impossible.
  3. Can take us toward the Success.
  4. Make our Dreams true.
  5. Make ourselves Creative and Innovative.
  6. Builds our Attitude.
  7. Accomplish greater results.
  8. Make our society Happy.
  9. Helps us creating a Joyous life.
  10. Pump Ideas in our mind.
  11. Brings Prosperity.
  12. Fulfills our dreams.
  13. Soar our personal and professional results.
  14. Helps us to achieve our Goal.
  15. Life becomes full of Fun.

Be Positive…. Think Positive and make your life a Blast.

Keep Smiling… 🙂



Take criticism with a grain of salt

Neither a person nor life is monotonous.  Life is full of peaks and valleys.  Peaks make you happy and give you confidence while valleys take your happiness, suck your confidence and leave you with a layer of sadness.


Critics have a tendency to push us down into these valleys while loved ones and mentors will pull us up, like pulling a bucket of water from a well with a pulley.

When I was a kid, people in my society, teachers in my school and friends always criticised me. Though I was a cute looking kid like a teddy bear, unfortunately, I received hatred, bad mouthing and disrespect especially from elders and my teachers.

Was I doing something wrong or did they see something ambiguous in my character? I had no idea and at that point in my life I never thought about it but in my heart and soul I was crestfallen, demoralized and thrashed.I felt like a cactus in a garden of flowers.

I wasn’t aware of Criticism.

No one on this earth has remained untouched from it.  Today or tomorrow everyone is going to face this.  I entered too early into the world of criticism.

But today I realize that those days made me mentally tough, strong and gave me enough strength to face any level of criticism. I started taking it with a grain of salt. I was and am lucky to get a chance to face the critics.Today I take it with a smiling face.

“I know how to make decisions and stand up to the

criticism every day.“

Michael Bloomberg

We must always try to filter out the negative and search for positive points.  Even diamonds are found in coal mines. Similarly, if scrutinized these irrelevant and piercing criticisms will yield positive feedback and this feedback can make our lives unbelievable and inspirational.  It pumps positivity and rejuvenate us.

Believe me, it would be a great learning experience for us going forward.  Even at valleys we will know the path towards peaks.

My favorite, always wear a smile on your face and most importantly always respect these critics rather than disrespecting them.  These are vital parts of our lives as it indicates our upward growth in life and career.It gives us feedback but it totally depends if we perceive them in a positive or negative way.

If you take it in a positive way, two things will happen:

First, it will enhance our mistakes which we can rectify and develop ourselves.  And second, it will be our win.

If taken positively, it nourishes us.Take it constructively rather than destructively.

But if taken otherwise, trust me, we are on the way to destruction.

“Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain but it takes character and self-control to be understanding and forgiving.”

Dale Carnegie

Finally, I will end by saying, welcome your critics with a smile and rejuvenate your life.

Keep Smiling.. 🙂



Attitude is Fulcrum of Our Life

Attitude does matter a lot. It’s not what we see from outside and react but it’s what we are from inside and behave.

“Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.”

Zig Ziglar

Attitude is a Fulcrum. Life and Relationships are players sitting on the both the ends of see-saw. A small drift of this point may give ripples in our lives. It can change our description, our mentality and may be our soul. This directly reflects in our society.

I just read a nice story about Attitude from one of my app in my smart phone.

There was a man who used to sell balloons for his living. Balloon Seller had all colours of balloons like Yellow, Red, Green and Pink.

Whenever he sees dip in his business, he would release a helium-filled balloon into the air and when children saw it going up, they get excited and crave for the balloons and wanted to buy and his sales would go up.

He used to follow this technique often, mostly few numbers of times every day.

One day, a kid was playing in the open garden and saw a man selling balloons nearby. He ran towards him.

He saw upwards and asked the balloon seller, “If you release a Black balloon, would that also fly?

Balloon Seller smiled and replied politely, “Young man, it is not the colour of the balloon; it is what is inside it, makes it go up.”

Attitude may be a small word but it has tonnes of Weight. A bad attitude can weigh us down. It can throw us from society.

If people or friends see a bad attitude in yours then you must change it as soon as possible otherwise it will change you forever. It is not less dangerous than cancerous virus.

I believe we are responsible for our own attitudes and we are the only one who can change ourselves and our attitude.

We can read positive attitude books and implement (Yes implement otherwise there is no use of reading books just for sake), we must have a bunch of positive people/group around us.

We must control our Emotions and most importantly our Anger. We must always Smile and never React no matter whatever the situation is.

There could be any which you can adopt. The bottom line is, it must help you change your attitude.

Attitude always crops Happiness and Positivity. Trust me, a good attitude always rejuvenate us. A person with good attitude can blast out the negativity from society.

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”              

Winston Churchill

Keep Smiling…



Make your Festivals Unforgettable

I am in Navratri night, a festival which is celebrated across India, also called Durga Puja. It has a great significance in our Indian Culture and History. We, across India celebrate this with joy and pleasure.

Children, Adults all are playing garba in groups and enjoying each of this very moment. No tensions, No work pressure, rather they are full of energy, zest and zeal.

The more we indulge in such incredible ecstatic atmosphere, the more we feel energetic and exuberant. This is I call Life and we must always preserve such fascinating moments in our lives.

When we were kids we enjoyed family gatherings, hangout with friends and waited desperately for special occasions like our birthdays and festival seasons.

These times are not special because of its importance in our lives and in religions but we get time from our hectic schedules and from our chaotic life to celebrate and parallelly they refresh our souls, erase all daily pressures and irrelevant tensions.

We must celebrate all festivals with our loved ones and family because they boost our level of confidence and our relations get stronger, injects positive source in our veins, it helps us to bind ourselves emotionally and these relations inspire and lift our lives as well as careers.

Festivals act as refreshing art in our tortuous career life.

Have you ever observed, when we were frustrated and suddenly some festive or joyful moments flash in front of our lost mind which makes us smile and after few minutes we get rejuvenated and new ideas keep cropping up, floating in and we get solutions of our problem. We feel relaxed.

Make this festive season memorable and unforgettable moments. Because even in our bad times, these will act as energy pills and will put smile on our face and refresh our mind.

Ideas also come when our mind is fresh. Even flowers blossom in calmer, breezy and fresh atmosphere.

So make your festival season unforgettable and make your life beautiful. Have a blasting time.

Keep Smiling .. 🙂



Achieve Goals like River

Life is like a river. It makes its own path through numerous obstacles and reach its destination. Its water current calmly cuts through whatever comes along its path.


What we must learn from serene river?

If we can even able to adapt these two below listed points then without any doubt we will surely achieve great results in our lives.

1. We must always be Calm and Polite in every situations. Especially when everything goes wrong in our lives.

2. We must never give up and make our own path to achieve greater results and success.

Similarly, we should work hard towards our goal and never get disappointed from Critics,Barriers and Obstacles. We must always be Patient and Polite to people we meet. It builds our personality, strengthens us internally and tests our temperament.

Two biggest known personalities are “Abraham Lincoln” and “Mahatma Gandhi”. They have achieved greatness with their ‘Politeness’ and ‘Never-Quit’ outstanding qualities.

Even we should never stop our process of achieving our goals nor we go off track. These actually test us, how desperate and strong are we to reach our goals. It teaches us to be patient and makes us mentally tough.

I am not born with golden spoon but my confidence and perseverance will make my spoon golden.

Achieve your goal no matter how many times we fail. Make failures our ladder and climb to the success.

Never ever give up. And make your spoon golden.

Keep Smiling.. 🙂