Stop glancing from negative windows

Have you ever seen a house without a window?

May be yes…

If I ask you to move in such windowless house, will you?

Obviously you will never prefer a house or a room without a window. Who will prefer?

Just imagine, you selected a room which has two windows and you moved in.


As you open one of the window, you feel chilled breeze on your beautiful face like someone has welcoming you with petals and its fragrance is spreading across the atmosphere. You take a deep breath and enjoy every moment of it.

Sun is rising behind the mountains and gradually its rays are spreading across the globe like a smile of a baby. Birds are chirping and welcoming the sun and its fragrance, trees are dancing on the breeze’s tunes, leaves and petals are dipped in the morning dew. Each and every particle on earth seems alluring and hypnotic and guess what?

Your soul gets hypnotized by such captivating scenic view. Won’t such a scene be soothing to your eyes?

Wow! Not only eyes, it will be soothing to our heart as well.

As you move to the other window, you see haunting darkness, terrified night which makes you timorous. You hear the scream which extract your soul out of your body.

Which window you prefer to open?

Similarly, when we come across negative circumstances through our window of soul i.e. eyes, we start absorbing them. Negativity starts cropping up in our heart and soul; leaves us deactivated. Such negative forces hypnotize our mind which maps negativity.

Result is Crystal clear.

Anger takes control on our mind. Lips start reacting to the anger. Words coming out of our lips are piercingly sharp like a sword.

Why to have a glance from such negative windows?

We always be open to those people who motivate and inspires others. Follow those who are center of happiness. Their presence makes our society happy and spread positivity across the proximity.

We must visit places which soothes our heart and soul. See yourself sitting in the garden of roses, birds singing the nature’s song, feel the twilight breeze and let your mind paint the rainbow colors on your soul.

Open the windows of your soul and rejuvenate yourself rather than isolating yourself from rest of the world.

Life is beautiful and becomes more ecstatic when we spend time with enthusiastic, energetic and thrilled people. Open the window of Happiness.

Keep Smiling.. 🙂



Flip the Coin and be Positive

Every coin has two sides. Flip the coin in the air, it may either turn up head or tails. Depends on luck, doesn’t it? Life has two sides as well. One side reflects Glad and the other, Sad.

Glad and Sad. Happiness and Unhappiness. Smiling lips or Frowning eyes.

Life flips us daily in the air. Unlike the coin, which side it will come we can not say but how to react under such situations, depends on us and not on the luck. We can mold ourselves in these conditions. Situations can be fruitful which leads to a productive day or it can be unfruitful which further leads to acarpous day.

Here, whatever could be the result, situation and how we design them depends on us. Tackling these situations and reacting accordingly are in our hands. Diverting from negative to positive way depends on our mind.

Sure-and-positiveyWe often curse our luck and start believing we are here for no reason and whatever we will start doing or whatever we will indulge into, outcome would be negative.

So this morning, say for example, you thought this above written lines and guess what!

With your start, you have already initiated your journey downwards just like running downhill. The faster you try to run, sooner you will fall down and result?

I will be visiting you in the hospital soon.

Life flips us too. If it is Glad we are happy, smiling and energetic and we will accomplish all heights. On the other hand, if it’s Sad, don’t allow your mind to take you in negative direction. It’s like driving the car on nasty zigzag road. We drive cautiously, patiently and reach our destination safely.

So don’t worry, Flip the coin.thinkpositive

Heads (Glad) – Yes my day is going to be awesome.

Tails (Sad) – Wow my day is going to be incredible.

Say loud in front of the mirror and act like a lion.

Result – Crystal clear. What you think, you become and act accordingly. Positive things will start happening. Simple is that, isn’t it?

Keep Smiling.. 🙂