Tough time makes you Strong

It was a summer noon and classroom was jam packed. Teacher was busy in showing the exam papers. She was calling the names of every student one by one and the student had to stand-up and she would speak the marks. Few students passed in her exam and few students (like me) failed.


“Aviral”, she called my name irritatingly. As soon I stood up, she stared at me suspiciously like I just murdered someone.

She shouted, “Aviral you are failed.” She repeated this sentence twice. It dint pinch me when she spoke these words angrily. “Aviral, you simply can’t pass this academic year. You never concentrate in class.”

I dint utter a single word. She continued aiming relentless words at me. “Aviral, you are nothing and you are a GONE CASE… A GONE CASE (She repeated deliberately). You cannot do anything in life.”

This time it pinched me. I felt like someone has brutally stabbed knife in my heart. I broke down. I was shattered into pieces.



This is just one example. I have been criticised a lot in my whole life especially in my teenage days. Those days I used to ask myself, Why me? Like all kids, I was too a soft hearted and emotionally weak. I wouldn’t be lying if I say that thousands of times I found myself crying.

Was I really a weak person?

Yes I was and believe me I have cursed myself several times when I was immaturely young.

As the time passed by, fog of negativity in front of my eyes started lifting and things got much clearer. Things started becoming transparent from translucent.

Unfortunately, I was wrong. I was lucky and a blessed child as I faced such situations in my early ages. Had I not faced these tough conditions, I would have never learned from life and critics.

It made me stronger, strong like a rock. It made me mentally tough and a matured person. It taught me how to react in such conditions and especially how not to get outburst. I learned from my life and learned from others’ lives as well.

“We must accept finite disappointment but never lose infinite hope.”

– Martin Luthar King Jr.

We should never get upset or lose our confidence and faith from the tough times and especially from tough-to-handle people. They are temporary. It makes us strong not physically but most importantly mentally. We must learn to control our mind and heart. As I believe, emotions and sentiments are most important part and it must be kept preserved only for our loved ones.

I am still learning from my day to day life and now am very confident in handling such situations. I am thankful to god who made me strong at a very right time.

Just to Epitomise:

Never get disheartened or get panic from tough conditions and egoistic people. They teach us in a long learn. Always wear smile on your face no matter what problems you face. Think and be patient and act smartly.

Keep Smiling…. 🙂



Give Credit and Achieve Impossible

The Bible teaches us to give credit where credit is due:

Give to everyone what you owe them: If you owe taxes, pay taxes; if revenue, then revenue; if respect, then respect; if honor, then honor (Romans 13:7).

Credit and Debit. These are two efficacious words which becomes our part of life once we start our professional lives and will always follow us like our shadows till our old age.

We always crave for credits more than a hungry beggar craves for food. Never take credits which are not ours.

The more we run after something, the farther it goes.

In my previous article, Joy of Giving we saw, the more we give the more we are happier. Similarly, it goes with giving Credit as well.

The more we give Credit to our team members and loved ones, the more we get respect from them.

On the contrary, the more we take credits the more honesty debits from our heart. We lose respect along with love. People treat us dishonest.

It’s like the more we spread love, the more we are loved.

I always give credits to my parents, friends and loved ones. I learn from them. I try to adopt their habits and once I become confident then I give them hundred percent credits for making me a better and mature person.

Apart from this, we must listen to our critics as well and give full credit to them as they enhance our mistakes but we must take it in positive sense. We must filter the negative waves and transform it into positive forms. These people make us stronger and mentally tough – they deserve credits too.

Whatever we adopt, however our team performs and helps us to complete our tasks or goals always give credit to them and in addition to this, give credit to them in front of your team members and colleagues. Not only they deserve this, it makes them more confident and they start trusting you and it strengthen our relationships.

Result is Crystal clear.

Next time when you want to achieve something, they would be the first to stand by you not even in good times but also when everything goes wrong with you.

The main reason is, you have built bond via trust and trust is the root of every relationship.

The longer it is, the stronger your relationships are.

Giving credits could be in form of – Praise, Love, Trust, and one Liner and even sincere Thanks to your team members and loved ones.

Before I sign off, I would like to give credit to my few friends out of never-ending list, whom I trust blindly.

Kartikay Vyas – He is gem of my life and motivates me at every point. He taught me important lessons of life; he is workaholic. We share great bonding. I give him all the Credit whatever I am.

Shailee Sisodia – She has been the biggest morale booster and always supports me.  I started reading because of her support. The credit goes to her for giving me this habit.

Ashley, Surag, Pankil, Mahesh, Saurav – My college mates and now are pillars of my life. Be a Cricket match, be a weekend party or my bad days, these guys always stood by me and kicked me wherever I went wrong.

The list is endless but finally my family – my parents, wife Charu and sweet sister, without them I am nothing and give my hundred percent credit for making me stronger and tolerating me.

Friends, give Credit to your loved ones, mentors, team mates and make your life beautiful and achieve the impossible. Keep Smiling.. 🙂