Stop glancing from negative windows

Have you ever seen a house without a window?

May be yes…

If I ask you to move in such windowless house, will you?

Obviously you will never prefer a house or a room without a window. Who will prefer?

Just imagine, you selected a room which has two windows and you moved in.


As you open one of the window, you feel chilled breeze on your beautiful face like someone has welcoming you with petals and its fragrance is spreading across the atmosphere. You take a deep breath and enjoy every moment of it.

Sun is rising behind the mountains and gradually its rays are spreading across the globe like a smile of a baby. Birds are chirping and welcoming the sun and its fragrance, trees are dancing on the breeze’s tunes, leaves and petals are dipped in the morning dew. Each and every particle on earth seems alluring and hypnotic and guess what?

Your soul gets hypnotized by such captivating scenic view. Won’t such a scene be soothing to your eyes?

Wow! Not only eyes, it will be soothing to our heart as well.

As you move to the other window, you see haunting darkness, terrified night which makes you timorous. You hear the scream which extract your soul out of your body.

Which window you prefer to open?

Similarly, when we come across negative circumstances through our window of soul i.e. eyes, we start absorbing them. Negativity starts cropping up in our heart and soul; leaves us deactivated. Such negative forces hypnotize our mind which maps negativity.

Result is Crystal clear.

Anger takes control on our mind. Lips start reacting to the anger. Words coming out of our lips are piercingly sharp like a sword.

Why to have a glance from such negative windows?

We always be open to those people who motivate and inspires others. Follow those who are center of happiness. Their presence makes our society happy and spread positivity across the proximity.

We must visit places which soothes our heart and soul. See yourself sitting in the garden of roses, birds singing the nature’s song, feel the twilight breeze and let your mind paint the rainbow colors on your soul.

Open the windows of your soul and rejuvenate yourself rather than isolating yourself from rest of the world.

Life is beautiful and becomes more ecstatic when we spend time with enthusiastic, energetic and thrilled people. Open the window of Happiness.

Keep Smiling.. 🙂



No Strife, No Life


When we were kids, we enjoyed every moments of our life. When we grew older and entered in teen’s worlds, we got to know a bit about life like a newly born bird comes out of nest and face the dirty world. We started feeling minute level of pressures especially in exams or our so-called-love-life as we indulged ourselves in our love though it was just an infatuation.

As soon as we enter in the world of professionals and corporate we got the real taste of life. When we got married and have family we got to know the word ‘Responsibility’.

Life is not a linear. It’s like stock market graph chart. Rise and falls, ups and downs. stock graphTwists and turns.

When we wake up in the morning we feel fresh and morning dew and fragrance make us rejuvenated. As the day proceed and things keep coming on us, our mood starts fluctuating. Cause of fluctuation may be office work, relationships, family or any external forces. Whatever the reason be, it spontaneously changes our mood and we feel disheartened or happy.

When we talk this at macro level, we call it Life.


Life is like a roller coaster ride. It gives you bumps at every interval.

Rather than taking it as a frightening experience, we must take it as a learning experience. We must enjoy the ride like we enjoy a roller coaster ride.

I love it when I feel pressure. I love it when I pass through bad phase. I love it when some irrelevant weeds crop up in my life.

Because these, teach me lessons. I learn a lot, examine others and try to find out how to react on these circumstances and trust me this is extremely helpful for our future when we may (obviously will) face bigger issues than today. At that time, we can link to those issues with we faced earlier in life which gives us hint for the optimum solution. It gives us energy to handle the pressure. It teaches us to stay calm in these tougher situations and our maturity level increases.

I personally, have seen many matured people who react weirdly when they face tough situations. They start blaming, shouting and sometimes start badmouthing. You must have seen big politicians, celebrities reacting to media. You guessed right, who enjoys the game and who gets trapped, we all know.

I won’t say, they lose their temper after getting bombarded with these bad happenings, rather I would say they get trapped by these situations. Guess what, we keep repeating the mistakes going forward and never learn.

In these tough situations of life or controversies we must never:

  1. Lose temper
  2. Get panic
  3. Get frightened
  4. Speak abruptly and
  5. React

Just stay calm and be silence for the time being.  Take a deep breath, hold it, count 10 and release slowly. Do it for three times and you will get a solution and feel relaxed.

Go to a calm serene place and think twice, thrice before uttering a single word because harsh words can ruin someone’s life and yours for sure.

These are just temporary and will leave but if not handled properly and smartly will give you a deep impact on your life.

“Thank you for life, and all the little ups and downs that make it worth living.”

Travis Barker

Keep Smiling..




Let your fragrance rejuvenate

maya angelouPeople come and go in our lives.  Everyone writes their own chapters in the book of life.

Some people leave us and we forget them, while others leave and we remember special moments.  These people have become unforgettable.

Why are we reminded of their words?  Why do we remember the special moments with them?  Why do we feel love and affection for them when they are gone?

One day someone asked me, “Do you love pets?”

I replied, “Yes I do.”

He continued, “Do you have any?”

I said, “No, but someday I would like to have a dog. I love dogs!”

After listening to my reply, he thought for a while and asked, “Aviral, do you know why we care for dogs when they give nothing back?  Sheep give wool and cows give milk but we don’t care for them.  Why do we care for dogs?”

This conversation made me think.  Human beings do love dogs!  Dogs become family and in some cases, more than family!  In many cases, we spend thousands of dollars on our beloved dogs.  Why do we do this?

The answer is simple.  Dogs give LOVE!

Dogs will desperately wait for their master and greet them at the door, jump on them with Dogs love for masterexcitement and lick them to show their love.

I have experienced this level of affection with my uncles black Labrador. My uncle lives on the 9th floor and whenever he comes back and parks his car in the parking garage he starts barking and waits for him at the door.

Imagine if you were to come home from a stress filled day and your significant other were to greet you in a way similar to that of a dog.  How would you feel if you were showered with this type of love and affection?

You would likely feel Energetic, Rejuvenated and you would be left with a smile on your face.  It would ease your stress and remove your uneasiness.

The moral is, people remember how you make them feel and the memories you’ve left them with.

If you have made someone feel special then they will never forget you.  They will desire your presence.

On the other hand, if you hurt someone’s feelings and make them feel bad they will neither forget nor will they forgive you.

So, spread love and make your family members and loved ones feel the fragrance of your soul.

Keep Smiling.. 🙂



Edited and forwarded by Mr. Jeff Botch

Are phones more important than family?

Today morning I came back to my city from 2 days short vacation to Bhopal with my wife. I am feeling much more confident, more energetic and these days actually have increased my face value as my smiling face is reflecting freshness just like a dewy flower in the morning. Though my journey from Ahmedabad to Bhopal wasn’t that comfortable as I had to go via bus and I don’t enjoy a bus journey. It’s like eating acerbic margosa leaves.

As soon as I reached my in-law’s place the other day evening after a sorely and horrifying last night in the bus, I spent time with my in-laws, had my dinner and slept like never slept for months. I was tired and dead beat.

Beep-Beep. Beep-Beep… Alarm started shouting on my phone at 5.50 AM. I tried to avoid it completely as I wasn’t in condition to wake up too early, that on a vacation. Finally I gave up and ran towards the phone and irritatingly switched off it and threw myself back to the bed.

Finally I woke up after couple of hour’s deep and refreshing sleep. I was feeling better and relaxed just like someone has squeezed all my exhaustion from my body. I had my breakfast and spent wonderful morning with family.

After sometime I realized that I dint listen my phone ringing. It was obvious because my phone was lying dead like someone has brutally murdered a living organism. That moment of time I decided not to switch it on. The whole day I dint even notice my phone and ignored it completely.


no laptopA day without a Phone!!! A day without Emails. A day without a Laptop. Believe me my whole day went so fantastic and I felt energetic.

Just visualise, you spend your whole day with your loved ones and no one is daring to disturb you.

What I learned from this?

These gadgets are no doubt life changers and have become our daily needs but some time without these actually make you tension free. You will feel happier and more internally satisfied and these moments with family without a disturbance not only make your day outstanding but it strengthens the relationship and bonding. Your loved one feels more importance and it build trust. It rejuvenate your soul as you fulfil their expectations.

no technology


Just imagine, you are talking to your loved one and in between her/his phone rings 5 times in merely thirty minutes, how will you feel? You will simply go mad and feel irritated. Even you may outburst. Result? You are on the verge of ruining your relation. We are humans and we feel depressing if we get less importance. It’s a human tendency.

Believe me, I was so happy and you could have seen happiness and energy on my face. That day gave me internal satisfaction. I spent halcyon time with my wife.

The other day, I became more greedy and craved for more happiness and smiling day. You guessed right, I dint switch on my phone the other day too.

Two days without electronic media. No calls. No emails. No messaging or chatting. I could actually feel the fragrance of happiness in the phone

Take home – We must actually avoid these inevitable phones once in a week. At least when we are on holiday with our family.  I don’t think these phones are more important than our family. Are they?

It actually refreshes our mind. We feel more energetic, happier and find ourselves smiling throughout the day. It rejuvenate our coming week and life. Above these and most importantly, strengthens our relationships.

Keep Smiling… 🙂



Today is a Beautiful Day



Everyday brings something beautiful, something new which leaves a positive mark on our society.

Just do not wake up for a routine work, rather wake up with Energy, breath the fragrance of Positiveness deeply, inject the confidence with your million dollar Smile, fresh up the mind by listening energetic Songs and do something for your Loved ones.

Fulfill their expectations. Do the unexpected.

“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.”

– Leo Buscaglia

Every moment of our life makes our life beautiful.

Incredible and Energetic people all over the world is making each and every moment precious, wonderful, magnificent and beautiful because we all are God’s blessed childs.

Keep Smiling… 🙂