Love Like



Smile is a Gift

🙂 Smile convert enemy into friends.
🙂 Smile increases your face value.
🙂 Smile takes you to Success.
🙂 Smile get rid of hatred and agony.
🙂 Smile reduces Stress.:-) Smile walks on the track of happiness.
🙂 Smile resembles Forgiveness.:-) Smile is contiguous.
🙂 Smile on your face is your real beauty.
🙂 Smile is priceless.
🙂 Smile clears the negative atmosphere.
🙂 Smile injects love in a dead people.
🙂 Smile answers all your problems.

“The more you spread Smile, the more happiness you earn.”



Life Lessons I learned from Nelson Mandela

nelson mandela

  1. Never compromise your principles.
  2. Learn how to build yourself. Keep building your image and keep learning.
  3. Never disrespect any one.
  4. Learn to talk more about ‘We’ and less about ‘I’.
  5. Always trust your fellows. It builds unity and strengthen the team.
  6. Always preserve your best for best time and best people. It helps in making current and future organization.
  7. Always forgive people for their mistakes. When Nelson Mandela won 1994 elections, instead of punishing his enemies who hurt him in the past, he made them his friends and thus earned their respect and devotion.
  8. Always have a good heart as well as a good mind. The combination is always best.
  9. Always conquer your fear and be fearless.
  10. Always be humble.
  11. Always admit your mistakes.
  12. Always Smile. Nelson Mandela is known for his big smile when meeting with people all over the world.
  13. A good leader always lead from behind and put others in front, especially in good and best of the times. Take the front line only in bad and tough times to save your team.
  14. Talk with Love, Respect and Politeness.


quoteKeep Smiling… 🙂

Knock Knock


You There?

The beautiful eyes reading this now…..

I want you to do Something.

Smile!Smile…… 🙂


because you are Beautiful

because you are Amazing

because you are Best

because you are Unique

because you can Achieve Impossible

because today is a Great beginning

because no matter who you are, someone Loves you..

Smile because You Deserve to.

Finally, after closing this window, do not close your Smile for rest of your Life.


Keep Smiling… 🙂