How to have a Lovely Day


lovely day


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Suppress your Depression

Suppress your Depression

It was 10.00 PM. I shut down my laptop. Terribly tired, intensely exhausted. All alone and missing my family deeply and badly.

Days passed and converted in months, it’s been more than two months, and I was living in a 5’ by 5’ room in a hostel.

No entertainment, no happiness and no satisfaction. Life wasn’t going smooth. It was tough. To overcome it, I used to indulge myself in studies and lectures. I was studying in hostel.

I felt crippled and depleted, threw myself on the bed. Dint talk to my lovely wife. Just messaged her Good Night and fell asleep. Believe me, I was too low.

Deadly exhausted like someone has injected a straw into my body and sucked all my energy and confidence.

Beep, beep, beep… Ear-splitting, annoying alarm rang.  I woke up, sat on the bed.

It was a new day, a new beginning. Unfortunately it wasn’t for me.

As soon as I sat, I found myself in Eerie and Unnatural situation. I could feel sadness on my lips.

I could listen to my heart beats. I was too low. It looked like someone has snatched and squeezed all my happiness, my energy, my confidence like a mixer extracts the juice from orange leaving hay behind. That morning moment of mine was jolted.

I was in Depression.

I sat quite for few minutes, closed my eyes. Felt negative vibrations.

Suddenly I asked myself, what am I doing?

I stood up, closed my eyes and took a deep breath and slowly released. Did for 3 times and ran towards the washroom, washed my face and brushed my teeth. Came back to room, put on tracks, shoes and ran towards hostel mess. I had healthy breakfast followed by gym.

I did exercise for more than an hour. In between calmly went towards the window and started feeling the morning dew and breeze on my face.

What a relief. I was rejuvenating myself. I can feel someone pumping energy back to my soul. Finally I smiled from heart.

Believe me, that date I had a blasting day. I could able to finish all my study work with great confidence and energy. I was smiling and laughing whole day.

We always face such frightening and daunting situations often. Rather than getting pressurized by it, we must challenge such anti-social elements and should never allow it to overcome. Kill your negative elements and plant the positive sources.

We have all rights and believe me, it truly depends on us how we take such conditions. Rather than blaming your luck and life, better find the path, work out and delete sadness from your life.

Keep Smiling…



Laugh Makes You Ageless

Life of a normal human being is between Seventies to Eighties and if lucky he or she can live up to Nineties.

If someone asks me, which is the best medicine for ageless then without any hesitation; my answer would be ‘Laugh’ and ‘Smile’.

There are numerous inspirational and heart touching stories where people across the world came out of death’s jaws. Not only wake up from death-bed but also lived happily and inspired people across the globe.

Others made their lives beautiful and inspired many of us. Many of them scored century and wrote their names in the record books.

One of the same story goes with a beautiful Indian couple from London.

One morning, I was scanning e-news on one of my favourite e-paper and my eyes got stuck when I read a headline ‘NRI couple world’s longest married couple.’

Who doesn’t want to learn the secret of long living and especially with one of our precious gift, our spouse or partner?

This 107 year old Mr. Karam and his wife Katari Chand, aged 100 an NRI Indian couple lives in London and have been together since long 87 years. They are way ahead the Platinum jubilee. When asked the secret of this happy and lovely journey, Mr. Karam enthusiastically replied,

My trick is to make Katari (his wife) laugh. I like to tell jokes and make her smile. Being funny is my way of being romantic.”

Furthermore, he adds, “I have been told laughing makes you live longer. My wife is still alive so it must have worked! I love her so much and I want to spend another 80 years by her side.”

Isn’t this Inspirational and Motivational?

Enthusiasm reflects in their words and it can be seen from their life. Believe me, for such magnificent and novel life we must bury our Egos, Anger, Grudges, Grievances and Bitterness.

The more we get rid of such anti social elements, the more our lives will be Happier and Efficacious and creates favorable and beneficial conditions in our married lives and society.

“Laughing Makes Your Live Longer.”

Nicely said and beautifully implemented by this statuesque couple. Results are in front of us.

Laugh is the true vaccine which was invented and discovered even before the creation of the human beings.

Life is beautiful and we must learn the ways to make it more precious and inspirational.

Live, Love, Laugh and make your life more gracious.

Keep Smiling… 🙂