Take Pauses

Pause is a word which rejuvenate our life. I believe that pauses in our lives can actually make us or remake us.


Try this.

Speak up with someone with a constant pace without inhaling or simply try to speak as quickly as possible like you want to finish hundreds of words under a minute. Trust me, after thirty seconds you will start fumbling. Your words will mix up and will become un-differentiable. As time finishes, you will find your tongue messed up and you would be craving for oxygen like a man imploring god for life on his dead bed.

“The right word may be effective, but no word was ever as effective as a rightly timed pause.”

– Mark Twain

Once you are done, you take a deep breath. You take a pause.

We need Pause everywhere. We need pause while we hit the gym to relax our muscles a bit. We need a pause when we sprint (or jog). We need a pause while we are in the movie theater. Even we need a pause when we are playing outdoor games. List is endless.

time-to-thinkWhy we take pauses? A pause pumps oxygen in our body. A pause pumps life in our soul. A pause rejuvenate us.

It gives a positive break to us. It soothes our heart and mind. If we do things without stopping, it becomes dormant and sluggish.

Do we need pauses in our life too?

You guessed right.

Yes! We do need.

Life becomes boring without a break. It drains our energy after some point. We work throughout a week and then we relax in weekends with our family and friends. We take few days break in a quarter. We give ourselves a breathing experience which not only strengthens the relationship but also rejuvenate us.

I call it Rejuvenating Pauses. A pause with positive energy work wonders for us and for our lives. It relaxes our mind and give space to think productively, enhances your creativity and freshen up your mind for better revolutionary ideas. Let me give you an example. You are involved in a fight with your spouse. (I am against the fights with spouses as they are to be loved and respected.) Constant negativity is coming from both the sides. If you keep on arguing it will surely going to be intolerable and will leave you in oppressive situation.

Result – Rift in your Relation.

Take a pause. Take yourself away from the fight and let your mind relax. Take a deep breath. Spend some time alone. I prefer listening refreshing music. This pause helps you to think and calm you down. Go back to your partner, be silent and see the result. Trust me you will be amazed. You and your partner will become closer physically and emotionally.

Pressing-the-Pause-ButtonTake pauses in your work cycle, in your relationships, day-to-day life, even while having conversations with colleagues or friends. Without these pauses life becomes stagnant like a standing water in a pond.

Rejuvenate yourself, your life.

Keep Smiling… 🙂

Stop glancing from negative windows

Have you ever seen a house without a window?

May be yes…

If I ask you to move in such windowless house, will you?

Obviously you will never prefer a house or a room without a window. Who will prefer?

Just imagine, you selected a room which has two windows and you moved in.


As you open one of the window, you feel chilled breeze on your beautiful face like someone has welcoming you with petals and its fragrance is spreading across the atmosphere. You take a deep breath and enjoy every moment of it.

Sun is rising behind the mountains and gradually its rays are spreading across the globe like a smile of a baby. Birds are chirping and welcoming the sun and its fragrance, trees are dancing on the breeze’s tunes, leaves and petals are dipped in the morning dew. Each and every particle on earth seems alluring and hypnotic and guess what?

Your soul gets hypnotized by such captivating scenic view. Won’t such a scene be soothing to your eyes?

Wow! Not only eyes, it will be soothing to our heart as well.

As you move to the other window, you see haunting darkness, terrified night which makes you timorous. You hear the scream which extract your soul out of your body.

Which window you prefer to open?

Similarly, when we come across negative circumstances through our window of soul i.e. eyes, we start absorbing them. Negativity starts cropping up in our heart and soul; leaves us deactivated. Such negative forces hypnotize our mind which maps negativity.

Result is Crystal clear.

Anger takes control on our mind. Lips start reacting to the anger. Words coming out of our lips are piercingly sharp like a sword.

Why to have a glance from such negative windows?

We always be open to those people who motivate and inspires others. Follow those who are center of happiness. Their presence makes our society happy and spread positivity across the proximity.

We must visit places which soothes our heart and soul. See yourself sitting in the garden of roses, birds singing the nature’s song, feel the twilight breeze and let your mind paint the rainbow colors on your soul.

Open the windows of your soul and rejuvenate yourself rather than isolating yourself from rest of the world.

Life is beautiful and becomes more ecstatic when we spend time with enthusiastic, energetic and thrilled people. Open the window of Happiness.

Keep Smiling.. 🙂



Happy Holi

Beautiful word for you only on this Holi,
The best gift I’ve received in my life is your Love,
My world has no meaning without you.
Enjoy The Colours Of Holi
Happy HOLI to all my friends across the world.. 🙂


Auspicious red.
Sunkissed gold.
Soothing silver.
Pretty purple.
Blissful blue.
Forever green.
 May this year brings colourful moments in your life.


Keep Smiling and Always be Positive.. 🙂

Rejuvenate Yourself