10 Keys to Happier Living


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Get rid of Pessimism Web

Optimism and Pessimism, these two words can make or destroy people. Optimistic in life crops up positivity and always lead to better and happy life. While pessimists always struggle.

winchurchquoteOur own confidence depends on our society and people who surrounds us. Wherever we go, pessimists follow us just like our own shadows. If our colleagues or friends are pessimists then it may make a dent on our confidence as well. The best part is, just ignore them and concentrate on our work.

I read a story about Robert Fulton.

Robert Fulton invented the steamboat.

English: Robert Fulton, holding a watch fob in...

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On the banks of the Hudson River he was displaying his new inventions. The pessimists and the skeptics were gathered around to observe. They commented that it would never start. Low and behold, it did.

As it made its way down the river, the pessimists who said it would never go, started shouting, “It never would stop.”

What an attitude!

people-quoteHad Robert Fulton listened to his critics or had he caught in the web of pessimism, he wouldn’t have invented the steamboat.

It happens with all of us. Whenever we talk about new ideas, people raises their questions. Pessimists stand and start criticizing.

“You Will Never Reach Your Destination, If You Stop And Throw Stones At Every Dog That Barks. Better To Throw Biscuits And & Move On…”

Dhirubhai Ambani

Break this Pessimist barrier and move.

We must never respond to these situations or pessimism. Try your best to achieve your goals and change the world.

“When you have vision it affects your attitude. Your attitude is optimistic rather than pessimistic.”

– Charles R. Swindoll

Keep Smiling.. 🙂



Rules for Being AMAZING



Rules for Being Amazing

Spreading the Love and Smiles

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7 Things About Me…

  1. I’ve always learn to smile in every situations.
  2. I am taking my life on a serious note and what to spread happiness and love across the globe.
  3. I am on the verge of becoming entrepreneur.
  4. I love acting and always wanted to play.
  5. I love meeting people and read books.
  6. Want to explore whole world and want to be famous for my good doings.
  7. I have been building my self.

I haven’t been blogging very long so I’m just starting to get a feel for what blogs I like/what kind of posts I actually take the time to read. So far, these blogs have been great!