Tell Yourself:


Tell Yourself

9 thoughts on “Tell Yourself:

  1. With all the resolute self confidence and will and can
    do attitude…need your earnest contribution…not by
    simple slogans.

    You need to be honest to your assurances and
    commitments which can not be achieved unless
    you fully understand and acknowledge that you
    need fully care to maintain the health of the Body
    and mind, without which the result will be Zero…….regards

      • I have ample experience to my understanding people’s
        behavior and attitude and their intelligent capabilities
        and faculties, not merely through working experience,
        but more so by my falls and rise in my experiments
        and experience of personal, social and professional

        You have great potential which you are and you can
        improve the lot of the self and who need your
        assistance………………………I am proud I am associated
        with elite like Sri Jeff, your self and Andrews…you
        are really working hard to reach your aspirations and
        thus of those that are in need…………………………regards.

      • Thank you Sir for these wonderful and motivating comments. Sir I got to know from LinkedIn that you live in Baroda. I often visits the city as am from Ahmedabad. I would like to meet you some day.
        Sir, I am really lucky to have mentors like you as am learning a lot from you all. Thank you very much for your invaluable support.

      • My dear hamdum,

        I am a small fry before your ability. perspective and
        out look.
        Yet I feel grateful to your concern and you are always
        welcome and allow us to share your views and warmth

        My phone: 9427943534…my son is working as D,G.M
        with O.N.G.C…he is very simple knowledgeable and
        voracious reader of Philosophy and Management.

        You simply put a call I will be at your beckon call .
        …… regards

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